No matter where you’re at on your fertility journey, you have likely experienced some highs, lows, triumphs, and frustrations. You’re not alone. A lot goes into family planning–finances, doctor’s appointments, fertility treatments, retrieval–the list goes on. It’s overwhelming. And that’s why we created The Fertility App. We’ve been there and we understand the challenges, so we want to help make the journey and anticipation a little bit easier for others on their own fertility journey.

Fertility Budget Calculator

Unfortunately, fertility treatments are not cheap. Our budget calculator helps you keep track of all your expenses in one place and takes into account taxes and insurance coverage. 


Keep track of all your appointments–from blood tests to egg retrievals. The app also syncs with your local calendar, so you’ll never miss an appointment.

Find A Clinic

Our clinic finder tool helps you locate a clinic near you. Filter by success rate, services offered, and geography.


We know the feeling of anxiety when you’re waiting for an upcoming procedure or test result. Create your own countdowns, which can help you prepare and get through the anticipation. 

To Do List

With fertility treatments and IVF, the amount of information and things you must do often seems endless. Keep yourself on track with the To Do List feature and celebrate all of your accomplishments along the way when you check things off your list.

Doctor Q&A

How often do you think of a question to ask your doctor, only to arrive at your appointment and find that the question has completely slipped your mind? The Doctor Q&A feature lets you jot down questions in the app so you can easily run through them when you meet with your doctor. You can also note their answers for easy reference.

Fertility Clinic Looking for an App?

The Fertility App is a fully customizable app designed for your clinic’s and patient’s specific needs. Give your patients exceptional care. Improve communication and connect with your patients.